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We help clients and promoters overcome challenging sites and propose architectural solutions to maximize the potential of their development.


Tektonik Architecture was established in Mauritius by the directors Steven Lam and Dinah Zhang, after over a decade of overseas and local experience in large mixed use projects.

We wanted the bring innovative design and the sophistication in execution to the Mauritian context. At the design stage, we are intent on bringing simple solutions to complex problems. Our experience in the development process helps our clients formulate detailed feasibilities, and we pride ourselves in helping our clients unlock the key to challenging sites.

At the construction stage, we bring our diverse knowledge of 3D documentation, BIM (Building Information Modelling), real time visualization, material tectonics and prefabrication to help clients and builders deliver projects on time and on budget.

At Tektonik Architecture, we believe that spatial design should be both creative and pragmatic. We are intent on putting the user first and in designing spaces that will be comfortable and valued.

We are committed to achieving architecture that is enduring, thoughtful and delightful; one that responds to humanity, to urbanity and to the environment.



Registered Architect PAC #272

Architect - NSW, Australia #9093


“I am driven to Architecture that excites, inspires, and resonates with the city, landscape, and people.”


Prior to establishing Tektonik Architecture, Steven worked in a number of well known architecture offices in Sydney, designing and delivering predominantly complex mixed use projects. After 14 years of working overseas, Steven decided to bring his skillset back to his home country of Mauritius in order to contribute towards the building landscape in a rapidly developing property and building industry.

Steven has excellent design and problem-solving skills across mixed-use, multi-residential, industrial and education sectors – and has worked across large-scale urban-design master-plans including creation of transport-oriented precinct all the way through to the design and delivery of large mixed-use developments.

Key to this skill is Steven's ability to articulate design concepts to provide innovative and elegant solutions to complex architectural problems through all project stages.

Steven graduated from the University of Sydney with Masters of Architecture (Hons) and has been awarded the Chancellor’s Committee Exchange Scholarship, the Dean’s International Merit Scholarship and the John Stephen Mansfield Prize in Urban Design.


Candidate for Grad Certificate in Property Development, UTS

Masters of Architecture (Hons) University of Sydney

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Sydney



Architect - NSW, Australia #9485


"As an architect, I’m lucky to be able to spend most days drawing and dreaming up spaces. I relish the creative process. In addition, after spending some years in an advancing manufacturing factory, I’m always concurrently thinking about production, assembly and construction."

Dinah has over 14 years of experience working on projects ranging from residential, commercial, education and health care. In this time, she has held a number of roles, including being the lead architect for large projects, expert consultant in mass timber design and design manager at an integrated developer and construction firm.

She has expertise in the area of design and delivery of engineered timber buildings and prefabrication. Dinah has worked with and advised a range of design professionals on topics of fire, waterproofing, acoustics, thermal and facade relating to timber buildings. 

​Dinah is equally comfortable with managing a large consultant team, the technical facets of construction, and responding to multiple stakeholders on complex projects.


Dinah studied at Yale University and University of Sydney and holds a Masters in Architecture. She received the Alexander Gorlin Scholarship, the Hezlet Bequest Travelling Scholarship and the BVN Graduate Prize in Architecture for outstanding design in architecture. She has taught at Yale University, the University of Sydney and the University of NSW.


Masters of Architecture, Yale School of Architecture

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Sydney

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